Wet Blue Splits, Hides, Crust

Wet Blue Splits, Hides, Crust

We offer items for every production requirement of our customers.
Mostly we process wet blue splits from Ukraine, Romania, French, Holland, Germany, Spain and Domestic production. We are able to provide our customers with all types of wet blue splits in terms of size, origin, thickness and selection. We have available double butt splits, shoulder splits, whole splits, bottom splits.
We have available hides of Domestic, France, Holland, New Zealand, Ukraine and Russia origin. We can supply our customer with wet blue whole hides or wet blue sides. We purchase both raw and wet blue hides. We can tan the raw hides with personalized recipes according to the customers’ needs and production.


Our products are the result of a careful selection and trimming process. It begins with the purchase of raw and wet blue material worldwide. The skills gained over the years allows us to optimize the trimming and selection phase in order to meet the production needs and requests of our customers. All items are carefully selected according to thickness, size, origin, defects.


We supply specific articles for different types of production (leather garments, footwear, clothing, gloves, suede, printed cloth). Although the main customers are italian tanneries that produce for leading fashion brands, we have articles for all types of production, from luxury to cheap production. The main sales markets are Italy, Spain, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, Russia.

Our Services

We support our customers throughout their purchasing process, from advice on choosing
the most suitable semi-finished products to delivery and after-sales service.


We help our customers in the choice of the most suitable semi-finished product to make their items, in terms of characteristics, origin, price.


We deliver our products all over the world.

Quality control

Possibility for our customers to inspect the products at our warehouse before delivery.


Goods storage.

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